Hello all,

After all the inactivity on this page, i’ve just started (at least try) to update it.
Some changes have been made, trying to focus on my new interest… bitcoins.

Some domains on the network were closed and now holds all my internet business. It became the holding i meant it to be. Over the next days, the pages tab will be updated to show the current structure of my online business. It will be updated with all sites that i use (under pginvest and/or my nickname), not only work but also some games. You might ask why mixing financial/profitable issues with games. Simple… from my past experience i’ve sold many ingame items for fiat money. More, some game allow to exchange game money for fiat money. As for that, they are part of network.

The main change is that i’ve started some bitcoin mining projects. One using private hardware (personal investment on this one) and another using just cloud mining. The cloud one might be updated with some private hardware, but the base activity will be cloud. Also, on the cloud project i’ll act as a consultant.

Hope you enjoy it.

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