New Start

Starting today, PGInvest, becomes a private virtual company!
Its private, because its not accepting stockholders, its virtual because its not registered under the law of any country (hope in the future have that possibility!) and its a company because it runs all my personal business, investments were i’m in and will (at least i hope) be profitable!

The business where PGInvest is involved will be stated on the page bar, with explanation, information and link.
There will be also and page for the accounting statement of the company. It is opening negative, and that means all my personal investment in this project and includes all investments done in everything that could be related to PGInvest.
Negative balance means that PGInvest is in bankruptcy? Not at all, all “debts” are paid. This means that PGInvest will have to return to me all the money that i’ve invested. Its a loan that PGInvest MUST return before starting work with its own funds.

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