As today, payout referring to 2009 earnings will be paid.
Each Participation Unit will be paid 0,018 euros. After all fees and fund retaining, the amount that will be distributed by the Shareholders is 88,17 Euros (0,009 for each PU).
By the end of the day all payouts will be done!

After the payout, the fund is officially closed.
The NAV is valued TODAY (26-05-2010) at 1,0851 Euros.
The Fund will start to sell all stocks in the portfolio with no end data limit. After agreed with the two major shareholders and the fund owner, the stocks will be sold when the market conditions become better.
This means that the earning could rise.
However, from this moment, any Participation Unit Holder is able to sell back their PUs. The Fund will pay a little bonus for it.

There will be no more NAV updates.

The Fund will pay 1,15 Euros for each Participation Unit sold back (this means 15% return in 2 years plus the dividends) until we sell all stocks. Remember that there is no time limit to do that. If the Participation Unit Holders wait till all stock are sold, they will receive: Account balance/10000*nÂș PUs.

This is my last message until all stocks are sold. For any questions or selling your PUs, please contact me.
Thanks once again for your support and for being a Participation Unit Holder.
PG Invest Fund Admin

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