How to trade Participation Units (PU)

Participation Unit Holders can trade them in two ways.

PU Holders can sell at any time their PUs to another PU Holder or to another person. The price is agreed by both parts. For the trade to be effective, both seller and buyer HAVE TO contact the fund manager in order to change Holder contact. Remeber that all payments from the fund to the Holder will be done using paypal. If the contact information is not updated, payment will be done to the contact information of the last Holder that has updated the information.

PU Holders can sell PUs back to the fund. If the Holder sells PUs back to the Fund in less than one year, starting from the end of the IPO, and/or 90 days if brought from another Holder after the first year, there will be a fee of 15%. Else, there will be no fee applyed.

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